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Your Health Matters

Physical health is often a major concern, and starting the process to better health can be overwhelming. Whether you are a beginner or have been following a plan for many years, we are here to help you simplify the process and get real and long-term results.  We want you to feel and look better, but we mostly want you to be well within.

While there are many concepts that apply to most people, fitness and health is not ‘one ­size-fits-all’. That is why we prioritize an individualized approach and help you come up with a plan that fits your lifestyle and schedule! We want you to succeed, and want to show you how you can incorporate wellness into your everyday life! It doesn’t have to be complicated.

We provide consultations and customized plans for weight loss using multiple modalities: 

• Designing an Overall Wellness Plan

• In-Depth Body Composition Scan

• 1:1 Coaching and Accountability

• Individualized Nutrition and Fitness Plan

• Medications to Aid In Weight Loss


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Medications & Weight Loss

Medications have been used for weight loss for many years! Recently, there has been great success using GLP-1 Agonists to help aid In weight loss. Many people lose significant amounts of weight. A thorough health history and lab review is required before obtaining a prescription for medications. Weekly meetings with your Nurse Practitioner and Coach prioritize a tailored plan to meet your goals.

This medication is injected weekly into subcutaneous tissue that: 

• Reduces Appetite

• Makes You Feel Fuller Longer

• Slows Digestion

• Balances Blood Sugar

• Improves Utilization of Insulin


About Semaglutide & B12

Semaglutide is a medication used for diabetes as well as weight loss. B12 is a vitamin that helps keeps your blood and nerve cells healthy and helps make DNA, the genetic materials in all of your cells. The combination of these medications aid in weight loss and make you feel more energized. Semaglutide also helps reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and death. Studies have shown that people who use these medications lose 15% of body weight and even more so if paired with lifestyle changes! 


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Health Coaching by Sammie

I am a Nurse Practitioner that specializes in women’s health but I am no stranger to fitness! I played Division 1 Soccer In College and have dedicated my life to health and wellness In both my personal and professional life.

My goal for you is to find a place where you belong, and where you can be open about both your struggles and your successes! I want to see you win. This includes how you feel and look both physically and mentally. Let’s get to work!

Beauty is being comfortable in your skin.

At Well Within, our mission is to enhance your natural beauty, not change it. We want you to feel well on the inside and out.
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Treat your skin with the best treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our aim is to educate and guide you on the best options for facial treatments.
Potenza RF microneedling uses just that, tiny needles and radiofrequency waves to penetrate the skin. The tiny punctures stimulate your body’s natural healing response. This then stimulates collagen and elastin production to give you tighter, firmer-looking skin. RF microneedling also targets blemishes for a smoother and more radiant complexion. Potenza promotes faster healing than traditional microneedling, making it a go-to for many.
Yes! Our facial aesthetics team is trained and certified, and led by board-certified physician Dr. Kinnari Desai. Potenza is safe for all skin types and tones. You’re able to return to your normal routine immediately after leaving the office. The Well Within team will walk you through how to take care of your skin post-treatment.
Adding radiofrequency energy reduces the time it takes to see results, meaning you need less treatments with Potenza than with traditional microneedling. Results are not only quicker, but also more dramatic, and longer lasting. What’s not to like?
You can expect to see results in about two weeks. After the initial set of treatments, results will last approximately one year.
Yes! At Well Within, we know how important proper skin care is here in the Sunshine State. Long-term effects of the sun are so much more than just sunburn. Even if you’re not a beachgoer, simply running errands or going for walks exposes you. With an average of 237 days of sunshine, it’s practically impossible to avoid. Over time, ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause damage to your skin and its underlying connective tissue. As a result, you may develop more wrinkles and fine lines. So, what can you do? RF microneedling targets wrinkles, fine lines and hyperpigmentation, or dark spots on the skin, caused by overexposure. Sun-damaged skin cannot fully heal itself. Some signs of sun damage may naturally fade away over time, but hyperpigmentation and fine lines typically don’t. The sun can put years on you. We want to help shave some of those years off and make you look like yourself again.

Address All Areas that Concern You

RF microneedling is safe on a number of areas of the body. We can target the following:

Come in for a Consultation

Well Within offers complimentary consultations. We know if you are new to the world of aesthetics, you may have a lot of questions. Even if you’re not, and you want to explore your options, we’d love to sit down with you. Our facial aesthetic experts will take the time necessary to meet with you, rather than rush you through to a procedure.
We get to know you and your goals, and walk you through options to achieve them. We come up with a treatment plan together. We ensure you fully understand the procedures and what to expect afterwards. Give us a call today at 941-200-3615 to get scheduled! We can’t wait to meet you.
Kim Kardashian Just Revealed She Gets Potenza Treatments To Target Skin Aging

Potenza Microneedling is 🔥

Earlier this week, Kim posted a series of Instagram stories, filmed from inside celebrity plastic surgeon Dr Ashkan Ghavami’s Los Angeles clinic, where she revealed that she has been undergoing Potenza RF Microneedling treatments to improve her “sun spots and age spots.”

The 40-year-old mother of four says she is excited as the Potenza “really takes it all away.” “I know I have makeup on now, but I will take it off and we will get a treatment started,” she told fans on Instagram.

The Cynosure Potenza device is a RF microneedling system that combines monopolar and bipolar RF at 1 or 2MHz frequencies in one device and can be used on all skin types, anywhere on the body. The controlled puncturing of the skin triggers the body’s natural healing process and stimulates new collagen and elastin production.

Learn more about our Potenza Microneedling services »

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*Consultations have a non-refundable fee that can be put towards services booked the day of your consultation.